» The Health of our employees, our Dealers, customers and everyone interested in our products is our top priority. That is the reason why we fully understand the decision of Fespa to cancel the Show in Madrid because of Covid-19. In this way we want to Show you the Brother World – nevertheless. «
Discover the Features
of the Brother GTX
Brother GTX
Solution Tank
For an advanced and easy maintenance with automatic cleaning cycles.
High Print Quality
Brother Printheads
2 Brother Printheads with fast speed and 1200x1200dpi resolution.
Easy Platen Change
Different platen available with a print size up to 16x21".
Automatic White
The white ink circulates in the tubes every 7 hours and prevents drying out.
Colour display
with print file preview
With a storage of print files, connection via USB or LAN.
Certified colours:
CMYK and 2 Whites
Environmental friendly 700ml ink pouch system.
GOTS certificated
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3 Drawers "Dido Shop"
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3 Drawers Dido Shop
The hot air guarantees a final effect that cannot be replicated with the other drying solutions: the print keeps the colors vivid and remains flexible, soft and rough to the touch.
Electric Dryer Dual 1200
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Dryer Dual 1200
The Tetris gamma is a new generation of dryers, built and designed with almost 40 years of experience for long lasting and high quality machines, proudly produced in Italy.
T-shirt folding Speedy-T
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T-Shirt Folder
The SPEEDY-T is a folding and semi-automatic packaging machine. Indispensable for fast and uniform folding of the T-shirts.
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PT Line
Prepares textiles for textile printing by means of rotating mechanics and various processes. The machine connects all processes with each other so that the user activates an operation and all procedures are processed one after the other.
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PT Maker
PTIV is an automatic high-end pretreat system for professional users resulting from consistent refinement and trend insights.
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Brothers Solution for Retail/Shop-Business

You want to expand your product range? No problem! With our solutions you will be able to offer your customers an enhanced shopping experience by providing personalised shirts, sweaters, shoes and many other textile products directly in your shop, by using Brother’s Creator Touch Terminal.

Best way to start a professional Business

Brother’s DTG printers GTX offer a quick start into the eCommerce print business because of their excellent price-performance ratio. No matter if you sell your products through Amazon or your own shop, you will be able to start your own production with just a small setup and investment.

Successful Setup for Mass-Production

More than thousand shirts a day from order to shipment – this can be done in no time at all with the solutions provided by Brother, whether you still work with flex foils or you are unhappy about your present DTG production. Just see the Spreadshirt video and do not hesitate to talk to us directly!

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